According to pediatric dental specialists in Kearney, most parents struggle with keeping their kids mouth and teeth healthy. This is for many reasons, but the big one is it’s uncomfortable for most children to let people touch their teeth.

This is why taking a baby to a children’s dentist in Kearney is so important. Starting your child off going to the dentist at an early age will make it seem routine as they get older, making them more likely to keep going back for regular appointments.

Additionally, many parents don’t realize that baby teeth need just as much care as adult teeth. It’s also true that the health of baby teeth can affect the growth and development of your child’s permanent teeth.

Here are a few tips to making caring for your child’s teeth a little easier:

Teeth and Mouth Cleaning Techniques for Infants

When your child Is an infant, it’s not too early to gently rub a warm, clean cloth around their gums. This will help remove any bacteria that can cause gum disease. According to a children’s dentist in Kearney MO, this will also help your child get used to brushing their teeth and gums regularly.

children’s dentist in Kearney MO

Brushing at a Young Age

Once your child starts developing their baby teeth, you can start brushing their individual teeth and gums. The best pediatric dentists in Kearney suggest flossing your child’s teeth as soon as two teeth develop next to each other. This way, you are dislodging any food or sugars that get stuck between their teeth. This also introduces them to flossing early, and it becomes part of the routine dental hygiene process for your child.

Toothpaste Options

When your child is old enough, usually over the age of 3, your children’s dentist in Kearney might recommend they start using fluoride toothpaste in their brushing routine. Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay – and brushing daily with fluoride toothpaste will help your child’s teeth stay healthy.


Your pediatric dentist in Kearney, MO may also want to do a fluoride treatment for your children’s teeth while they are in the office. This is an extra boost to help protect your child’s teeth from decay.

Remember that even babies can have too decay or gum disease. If you aren’t regularly brushing your child’s baby teeth and gums, it can leave them susceptible to dental issues. Allowing your child to fall asleep with a bottle or sippy cup is also a huge contributor to tooth decay in babies and small children.

If you find that your child needs something to help them fall asleep, try replacing milk or juice with water. Water is sugar-free and won’t contribute to tooth decay.

children’s dentist in Kearney MO

At Shoal Creek Pediatric Dentistry, a leading children’s dentist in Kearney MO, we believe your child is never too young to start thinking about their oral hygiene. We have worked hard to offer a beautiful kid-friendly facility with trained, energetic staff ready to work with children.  We help your child feel safe and secure during any dental procedure.

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