Your child’s tooth development and care directly affect their adult teeth. It’s essential as a parent or caregiver to recognize this and know ways that you can help keep their mouth safe and healthy throughout their childhood.

Preventative care is enormous when it comes to protecting your child’s teeth. In this article, we will discuss the top ways to prevent tooth damage, according to a pediatric dental specialist in Kansas City, MO.

How Do Kids Get Cracks and Chips in Their Teeth?

Damage to your child’s teeth can happen in several ways:

Accidents can happen, especially with kids

Children are known to have many falls and trips as they learn to walk, run, and play. Tripping on a toy hitting their head on a coffee table is a prevalent thing parents face. As children get older and into sports, they can easily collide with another player or get hit with a ball causing trauma to the mouth or teeth.

It’s rare for a child to get all the way through childhood without some kind of accident involving the mouth. This is why having a pediatric dental specialist in Kansas City, MO, that your child sees regularly is so important. You can develop a good rapport with your pediatric dentist in Kansas City in the event that you need them for emergency dental care.

If your child plays sports or is active, consider having them wear a mouth guard, even when it’s not required. This is a great way to prevent emergencies and protect their teeth if they get hit in the jaw, mouth, or head. If they get used to wearing it, it can be a part of their routine when playing any sport.

Pediatric Dental Specialist in Kansas City MO

Be careful when eating hard foods

It’s no secret that kids love various candies, popcorn, ice, and other hard foods. When eaten, these foods can cause a tooth to crack. This is because teeth were not designed to handle such crunchy foods regularly.

Instead of these kinds of foods, consider a safer option such as a piece of fruit or a smoothie to give your child the feel of a treat. It is a great alternative that provides nutrition and is a safer option for their teeth, according to pediatric dentists in Kansas City.

Your teeth are for chewing, don’t use them as a tool!

Many kids and adults alike treat their teeth as a tool. Teeth are often used for pulling tags off items, opening containers, and many others are common things people might use their teeth to do.

Teeth are not designed for this kind of task and can easily chip or crack when trying to do so. If you find your child has a crack, make sure and reach out to your Kansas City pediatric dentist specialist right away for emergency repair.

Teeth grinding is very common in children

This can be due to stress, anxiety, or any other kind of tension. Children don’t often have the words to describe their stress, and this is one of the many ways it plays out in their bodies. Unfortunately, it can result in a cracked tooth and the need for an emergency visit to a Kansas City, MO childrens dentist office.

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