There are so many things to learn and think about when you have a new baby. The health of your child’s mouth is a big one because it affects their baby teeth and their adult teeth. Therefore, having a pediatric dental specialist in Kansas City that your child sees regularly is so important. Most kids dentists in Kansas City agree that taking your child to see a dentist by their first birthday is ideal.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect for your child’s teeth during their early stages of life.

Months 0-6

When babies are born, they are actually born with a set of teeth under their gums. Babies only drink milk and don’t have a need for teeth when they are born.

Months 6-9

During these months, you will most likely see the first tooth push through your child’s gums. It will likely be a tooth that is towards the front of their mouth, so it’s a bit easier to spot. This is both an exciting time but can come with some pressure and pain.

When you see that first tooth starting to emerge, you might notice your child trying to chew on objects to alleviate some of that pain. If you have concerns about how to help your child through this transition, reach out to your pediatric dental specialist in Kansas City today!

pediatric dental specialist in Kansas City

Months 10-14

Hello primary molars! This is when the back teeth start growing in and the time that most kids struggle with significant teething. It’s not uncommon for children to be crabby, run a fever, and have a poor appetite during this time. If your baby seems to be crying and not sleeping, make sure and call your childrens dentist in Kansas City or your child’s regular doctor to get their input.

1-2 Years

More teeth will start to fill in, and your child will have almost a full set. This is the perfect time to seek out the aid of a childrens dentist in Kansas City, MO. They can check to see if teeth are growing in straight, bite alignment, and gum health.

A dentist that specifically works with kids is an excellent choice because they are very familiar with the different phases of development. They also have experience with nervous or scared kids and have helpful ways to make your child feel safe and enjoy the experience.

2-3 Years

During these years, the biggest teeth will start to emerge––the large molars. This can be painful, but there are some helpful ways to help their child get through this. A childrens dentist in Kansas City might recommend chewing on something hard or cold, like a stalk of broccoli or a large carrot. This can ease the pain and help the molars break through easier.

pediatric dental specialist in Kansas City

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