Stress can affect the whole body, and children are no different than adults when it comes to the body feeling it. The mouth can take the brunt of stress as well in many ways. In this article, we will look at how stress can damage the health of your child’s mouth and ways that your kids dentist in Kearney can help.

Grinding Their Teeth

Teeth grinding is very common in adults and children. You will notice grinding, mainly when your child is sleeping. There are some warning signs that you can look for to help you identify if your child is grinding, including:

  • Grinding sounds when they are sleeping
  • Pain when they are chewing
  • Jaw soreness after waking up; stiffness, pain, or even a bruised feeling
  • You might notice certain teeth appear to be worn down or chipped

If you notice your child grinding their teeth, talk to your pediatric dentist in Kearney, MO right away because there are ways to protect your child’s teeth. They could try sleeping with a bite guard, or if your child is dealing with stress, a counselor might be able to help them cope with whatever is bothering them.

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Dietary Changes

Believe it or not, dietary changes can make a big difference in the health of your child’s teeth. In times of stress, it is common for people, including children, to gravitate towards sugary and fried foods. Foods that are high in sugar are awful for your teeth. If you notice your child eating more sugar than suggested, try setting out healthier snacks, like fruits and vegetables.

Brushing Decreases

When your child is stressed, it is common for brushing and flossing to get pushed to the back burner. Even for a short time, if your child doesn’t brush or floss, this can be enough to erode the protective coating of their teeth and create cavities.

If it is becoming a struggle to get your child to brush, make sure to see your local childrens dentist in Kearney right away. They can help inspire your child to stay on top of their brushing routine and add a protective coating to protect their teeth in the future.

Mouth Sores

Canker sores and cold sores are very common when times of stress arise. This is because stress causes the body and the immune system to not function properly. This can decrease the body’s ability to heal and fight off viruses that cause these sores. If you notice your child has sores in their mouth, which are usually painful, call your pediatric dental specialist in Kearney right away to find the right treatment plan.

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