Let’s be honest, getting your child to a pediatric dentist in Kansas City, MO, can be difficult. Now, getting a teenager to go to regular appointments can be just as difficult even though they are older. This is why starting them out with a healthy routine and going to a pediatric dentist in Kansas City at an early age makes it a little easier.

It’s common for a teenager to start having some dental concerns as they enter a new phase in life development. As they start to explore the world more and more on their own, life choices and their development can affect the health of their teeth.

Here are some of the common decisions teenagers make that affect their dental health.


You hear in the news about how smoking can be damaging to your body, particularly your teeth. This is the same for teenagers. It’s common for teenagers to experiment with smoking and vaping, even despite the dangers. Make sure and talk with your kids about smoking and the risks it presents to their oral health. Your pediatric dentist in Kansas City, MO, can also discuss this with your teenager if you express concern.

Some common effects of poor dental hygiene include:

  • Bad Breath
  • Gum Disease
  • Tooth Loss
  • Multiple Forms of Cancer
  • Blunted Taste and Smell
  • Tooth Stains


According to a top pediatric dental specialist in Kansas City, MO, the popularity of oral piercings has increased in decades past. Lip and tongue piercings are the most popular and can be risky. Many kids are doing this to gain popularity, but piercings in the mouth are incredibly dangerous.

Because our mouths have so many bacteria naturally, this can cause an infection in their piercing sight causing significant damage. Just eating normally can cause issues with the process of chewing, and the ability of the mouth to move correctly up and down can change the position of your teeth over time. Food sitting uncleaned on the piercing for long periods can cause infection and even some more serious illnesses.

pediatric dentist in Kansas City, MO

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are widespread among teenagers of both genders. The increase of social media has normalized an unattainable body image creating a considerable uptick in eating disorders. These affect the teeth in two ways.

(1) The stomach acid from vomiting can erode the teeth over time and cause them to lose enamel and rot out.

(2) It can also cause teeth to lose their color and shape, making them difficult to fix without major dental procedures.

Unhealthy Eating Habits

Poor nutrition is attributed to dental problems in children and teenagers. This is the time when their bodies are growing and maturing in important ways. When there is a lack of healthy foods or too few calories, their bodies don’t grow healthy, affecting the health of teeth, hair, fingernails, and many other obvious signs. If your pediatric dentist in Kansas City sees signs of an eating disorder, make sure and seek out the help of a professional to get treatment right away.

pediatric dentist in Kansas City, MO

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