Not all snacks and foods are made alike when keeping your child’s teeth healthy. Although some snacks are healthier for the body, this doesn’t always translate to tooth health. Summertime automatically means eating lots of sweet treats and snacking because everyone is off their regular school and work schedule. It’s important as a parent or caregiver to have a list of good snacks to offer your child that are both easy and healthy for their bodies and teeth.

Sugary Drinks

According to a pediatric dental specialist in Kearney, sugary drinks are awful for the health of your child’s teeth. This includes Kool-Aid, sports drinks, and soft drinks. Drinks like water, sugar-free options, or even tea are great alternatives to sugary drinks that can rot your child’s teeth over time. The sugary liquid will coat the tooth’s surface, eating away at the enamel resulting in cavities.

If you notice your child sipping drinks full of sugar, a childrens dentist in Kearney, MO suggests limiting them to times you know you have access to brush afterward. Another idea is to water them down a little to dilute the sugar, causing a little less sugar to sit on the tooth surface. The best choice is stay away from sugary drinks and offer water to quench their thirst this summer.

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Acidic Foods

Acidic foods often go unchecked by parents because they are healthy for the body, but they often don’t realize the danger that they carry for teeth. Kids often like oranges, pickles, fresh tomatoes, or spaghetti. Although many of these foods are considered healthy, the high acidity level they carry is damaging to teeth. Parents try to put lemon or lime into their child’s water to get them to drink this instead of sugary drinks. Although this seems like a great option, it can do just as much damage, according to some of the best pediatric dentists in Kearney.

Sticky Foods

Healthy alternatives to candy, such as dried fruit, can do just as much damage to your child’s teeth as gummy bears. This is because the sugary fruits stick in-between the teeth and to the surface of the teeth, causing erosion. Pasta, chewy bread, crackers, and other starches can also cause the same effect. Instead, try to offer your child an option of cheeses, meats, or vegetables. You can make it fun but offer a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and low-fat dipping options.

Check with your childrens dentist in Kearney at your regular exams for more suggestions on foods that are kid and dentist-approved!

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At Shoal Creek Pediatric Dentistry, a pediatric dental specialist in Kearney, we understand that going to the dentist during the summer can feel like a hassle. However, it’s our goal to create a fun and relaxing environment for all stages of childhood, making the dentist a fun experience for all. Give us a call at 816-781-5437 or visit our website to schedule your child’s next appointment with a top childrens dentist in Kearney.