Most people think of summer as a time when kids are free to do what they want as far as activities. But did you know summer months are the biggest months for accidents requiring a visit to the best pediatric dental office in Kearney? Kids participate in sports, have access to unsupervised play, and get used to snacking all day long.

At Shoal Creek, a top kids dentist in Kearney, we have some great ways to keep your kids safe this summer. Here are some of our top suggestions:

Wear Sunscreen and Reapply as Suggested; This Includes Your Child’s Lips

Many people forget that their lips can get burned in the hot sun all day, just like the rest of the skin. Buy a stick or two of SPF lip balm and stick it in your pool bag or in your car to ensure that everyone has access to a quick application. If your kids don’t want to share, get a different flavor of lip balm for each child; it’s a great way to keep them separate.

Your Childrens Dentist in Kearney Recommends Wearing a Mouthguard for All Sports

Many people assume that there are sports where your child should wear a mouthguard to and sports where you don’t really need one. However, if your child is throwing anything, running, or doesn’t have any movements, then it’s important they wear a mouthguard. You would be surprised at how many children get injured in the most obscure ways and not an actual collision or hit to the mouth.

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Provide Healthy Snacks When Your Kids are Hungry

It’s very easy during the summer for caretakers to also want to take a break from a busy schedule. Prepackaged snacks often have extra sugar and preservatives and are generally not a healthy choice. Instead, try offering some healthy, low-sugar snacks as an option. If you are strapped for time, try picking up a vegetable tray with dip to keep on hand for the week. Another option is to dip fruit in peanut butter or a dessert hummus if you want to try to sneak in some protein without the sugar.

Provide Water and Low Sugar Fluid Options

According to a pediatric dentist in Kearney, MO, sports drinks and soda are two of the top options for kids to drink during the summer. However, these are full of sugar and don’t do the best job of keeping your kids hydrated. Instead, offer water as the main form of drink if they are thirsty. If you do offer a sugary drink, give them water to swish around right after to ensure that most of the sugar is washed from the teeth’s surface.

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At Shoal Creek Pediatric Dentistry, a pediatric dental specialist in Kearney, we understand that going to the dentist during the summer can feel like a hassle. However, it’s our goal to create a fun and relaxing environment for all stages of childhood.

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