Teaching your child about good oral health early on can set them up to have a healthy brushing routine for the rest of their lives.  As a leading Kansas City, MO pediatric dentist specialist, Shoal Creek has some info on how picking the correct toothbrush can impact your child’s brushing habits.   

What to Look For 

No matter your child’s age, you want their toothbrush to be comfortable in their mouth and be easy to hold.  Considered the top Liberty, MO children dentist office by many, Shoal Creek knows that most children prefer a brush with softer bristles that are round-ended or polished.  These types of bristles tend to clean teeth effectively without being rough on their gums.   

Make sure that their toothbrush is something they look forward to handling every day.  Choose something fun, such as their favorite cartoon character or sports team. 

Kansas City, MO pediatric dentist specialist


A few days after birth, you can start an oral hygiene routine with your baby.  There will be no teeth to brush at such a young age, but as a leading Kansas City, MO pediatric dentist specialist, we recommend wiping the gums with a damp cloth or gauze after feedings.  Once the baby’s first tooth is exposed, you can use a brush with a tiny head and clean the teeth twice a day to get them acclimated to the routine. 


Around age two, your child will start to think they can do things on their own.  At this point, it is an ideal time to let them try brushing with their own toothbrush.  We suggest you use a toddler toothbrush with a small head but a large handle.  Typically, these large handles have soft grips that are comfortable for the child to use.  Continue to observe your child and help them make sure they cover all areas of their teeth. 

Kansas City, MO pediatric dentist specialist

Ages 5 to 8 

At this age, your child can upgrade your child’s toothbrush to one with a slimmer handle.  This new brush will be more suited for a young child’s grip and now larger jaw.  There are some toothbrushes designed for a combination of both baby and adult teeth.  Though they likely understand the basics of brushing their teeth, we still recommend supervision to ensure that they are practicing good brushing habits. 

Ages 8 and up 

At the age of eight, children should be able to brush on their own with no supervision.  At this age, the toothbrushes look very similar to adult brushes, except they have smaller heads and larger handles.  Kids at this age should be OK with either a manual or a powered brush.  Both are effective, but powered toothbrushes make the process a little bit easier for some children.   

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