With kids, it is hard to know how they will react to trying something new.  When you first incorporate brushing into your child’s routine, it is best to try to avoid making it seem like something they “have to do.”  Shoal Creek is one of the leading pediatric dental specialists in Kansas City, and we have a few tricks on how to keep brushing fun for you and your child. 

  • Develop a fun routine 
  • Add music to brushing 
  • Encourage them to use their imagination 
  • Adjust to what isn’t working 


It is important that your child knows that brushing their teeth keeps them healthy and is a big part of their day.  Your child should know that in order to start something fun for the day (breakfast, playing with toys, etc.), they must first begin with brushing their teeth.  

Also, let them know that you can read a story together with them before bedtime but only after they finish brushing.  As a premier Kansas City pediatric dentistry, Shoal Creek recommends these tips so that it will keep your child more motivated to stay on track every day/night.

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For most children, a fun song can make anything a little better.  That includes brushing.  Try to find a song that you can sing to them or play on your phone.  If your child does not brush for as long as they should, you can make sure that the song plays for two minutes and let your child know that they need to brush for the entire time.  Or you can split the music up into one-minute intervals so that they can spend one minute each on the top and bottom teeth.  


As a top Kansas City, MO children dentist office, Shoal Creek recommends that once you child is done brushing, you can encourage them to “pretend” and go brush their stuffed animals or dolls teeth.  Get them a toy or just an extra toothbrush you have and take the time to teach them about the health of your teeth. 

Say things like, “make sure your baby doll’s teeth are clean just like yours!”  Just be sure to leave out the toothpaste for pretend brushing or you will likely end up with quite a mess! 


If your child is not enjoying brushing, try looking into trying new things.  Many pediatric dental specialists in Kansas City have seen where a child does not like brushing due to many factors. 

The cold water might be affecting their teeth, so try warm water instead.  The toothpaste they are using might be “yucky,” so see if there’s a different flavor that your child might enjoy.  The bristles on the toothbrush might be bothering your child, so you might look into a softbristled toothbrush instead.  Also, electric toothbrushes are considered soothing to some children, so you may want to give one of those a try.  Keep trying different things to find out what works best! 

Shoal Creek is one of the premier pediatric dental specialists in Kansas City and would love to help make oral health a fun part of your child’s daily regimen.  Our staff is led by Dr. Thomas, considered to be a top childrens dentist in Kansas City

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