If your kids dentist in Kearney has examined your child’s teeth and determined they need a crown, it can be overwhelming to know all the facts.

You may immediately be asking questions like:

  • Why does my child need a crown?
  • If it’s a baby tooth, why does it matter?
  • Are there different options for crowns?

It’s important as a parent to ask some of these questions to understand the process better and help your child. It’s also important to learn about ways to prevent the need for a crown in the future. Parents play a very important part in their child’s dental hygiene practices and the health of their child’s mouth, even into adulthood.

When is a Crown Needed?

A crown is needed when the child’s tooth has decayed or been damaged enough that the options are either removing the tooth or opting to have a crown placed on the tooth until it falls out and the adult tooth can take its place. Many people think that it’s okay just to let a baby tooth rot out because it will fall out eventually anyway. However, there are several dangers, including:

  • Infection in the tooth or gum
  • Pain in your child’s mouth when chewing
  • Tooth misalignment
  • Problems with the development of adult teeth

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These issues should not be ignored; rather, you should see your kids dentist in Kearney right away if you notice signs of a chipped, cracked, or broken teeth in your child’s mouth. If your child is experiencing pain, that is also a sign to make an appointment to have a pediatric dentist in Kearney examine your child’s mouth. Prevention is key to keeping your child’s teeth healthy and ensuring their teeth remain sparkling into adulthood.

Once your pediatric dentist in Kearney suggests your child needs a crown for their baby tooth, it’s good to know about the options available. Stainless steel and resin crowns are the most popular and most used types of crowns. They are economical, durable, and most insurances cover the cost.

Stainless Steel Crowns

This type of crown has been around for a long time, and many kids dentists in Kearney, MO use these because stainless steel is a material that wears well. Some stainless-steel crowns have the option of a white covering that will blend better with your child’s smile. However, one drawback is that it tends to chip or rub off over time.


This material is an excellent choice because it resembles a child’s tooth. However, it is often more expensive because they take more time and expertise to make. The resin can also get stained over time if your child drinks or eats many foods with food coloring. Resin is not as strong as stainless steel and can break off over time, especially if your child often grinds their teeth or clenches their jaw.

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At Shoal Creek Pediatric Dentistry, a pediatric dental specialist in Kearney, we understand that going to the dentist during the summer can feel like a hassle. However, it’s our goal to create a fun and relaxing environment for all stages of childhood. We want to make visiting the dentist a fun experience for all.

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