Parents, as well as pediatric dentists in Kansas City, understand that keeping kids’ teeth healthy throughout childhood can be a battle. Some children hate brushing their teeth and don’t do it as thoroughly as they should or often enough. As a result, children can suffer from tooth rot and cavities. Giving children a healthy smile is the ultimate goal, and there are several ways to ensure that this happens for your child. Here are a few tips:

Teach Them How to Brush

Brushing a baby’s gums and teeth is essential at such a young age. However, once children are old enough to understand the concept of brushing and spitting instead of swallowing toothpaste, it’s time to introduce the concept of brushing their teeth. This usually takes place when a child is three years old.

When a child is first learning the process, you should assist them in making sure every surface is brushed correctly. Eventually, they will learn this concept, and they will need less assistance.

Make Regular Dental Cleaning Appointments with a Pediatric Dentist in Kansas City

Most insurance companies pay for twice a year cleaning for the whole family. This means that every six months, your pediatric dentist in Kansas City, MO should be examining your child’s mouth. Your pediatric dental specialist in Kansas City will not only be checking for tooth health but also the development of your child’s adult teeth, jaw, and mouth.  Make sure and ask your children’s dentist in Kansas City about sealants as well. Sealants help protect your child’s teeth from tooth decay throughout their childhood and have become common for most children.

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Avoid Sugary Foods and Junk Foods

Sugary foods are known to stick to the surface of your child’s teeth. If you are not persistent about brushing your child’s teeth after every time they eat, your child may start to develop cavities. This process can start early on and can happen rather quickly.

It is important to talk to your pediatric dental specialist in Kansas City, MO while your child is still a baby. This way you can develop a plan to ensure your child maintains healthy gums and baby teeth.

Use a Reward System

One way to have fun with your child while teaching good brushing habits is to create or buy a chart for your child to fill out.  If they brush the recommended three times a day, then reward them for completing this task. Some parents do this daily, and others do it weekly.

A completed chart could result in a dinner on Friday night at a restaurant of their choice. Maybe it could be a 5-dollar toy at the store, or they get to pick the song playlist in the car next week.  Whatever motivates your child, let that serve as a reward for choosing healthy mouth hygiene.

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At Shoal Creek Pediatric Dentistry, a premiere pediatric dental specialist in Kansas City, we understand that a healthy smile begins at infancy. Parents play a huge role in dental health, and we want to educate and empower you to help develop excellent dental habits for your child.

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