As a parent, you only want the best for your children. One of those things should include good oral hygiene and beautiful teeth. But how are you supposed to know when your child needs braces? There are quite a few signs and symptoms you and your child can look out for. According to our pediatric dental specialists in Liberty, MO, here are five signs your child needs braces. 

Five Signs Your Child Needs Braces 

Overlapping Teeth 

It’s relatively normal for a child to have an overbite, which is when the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth. However, when it gets to the point that you can’t see your child’s lower teeth when they bite down, then braces will likely be needed to correct the overbite. 


Teeth crowding is one of the most apparent signs a child will need braces. Crowded teeth are just what it sounds like – the teeth compete with each other for room in the mouth, leading to them becoming crooked. The longer crooked teeth are left untreated, the worse it will get over time. It will become hard to brush and floss, ultimately leading to plaque accumulation, bad breath, and gum disease. Fortunately, braces and orthopedic treatment can fix crowded teeth.  


An overjet is the word for upper teeth that protrude out over the bottom teeth. A child with an extensive overjet can lead to serious problems, including trauma to the front teeth. An overjet can be fixed with the help of braces and rubber bands. However, pediatric dental specialists may suggest extractions or surgery if the overjet is serious. 


Where an overbite is when top teeth overlap bottom teeth, an underbite is when bottom teeth overlap top teeth. In other words, your child’s top teeth are placed behind their lower front teeth when they bite down. This problem is fairly common in children who have disproportionate jaw sizes. An untreated underbite can lead to problems biting and chewing and an imbalanced facial appearance.  

Jaw and Mouth Problems 

You may not notice jaw or mouth problems, so you will have to count on your child on letting you or their pediatric dentist know if they are experiencing problems. Some jaw and mouth problems may include: 

  • A jaw that randomly locks 
  • A jaw that shifts or makes noise 
  • A disproportionate jaw to the face 
  • Trouble chewing food 
  • Constantly biting their tongue or inside of their cheeks  

If you notice that your child suffers from any of the above teeth or mouth abnormalities, it is recommended that you meet with the best pediatric dentist in your area to discuss treatment.  

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