Do your children resist brushing their teeth? It’s not uncommon for kids to view brushing and flossing their teeth as a chore. However, as a parent, taking care of your children’s baby teeth is very important for them to have strong and healthy teeth as an adult. As a pediatric dentist in Kansas City, we’ve put together helpful tips on encouraging good dental habits in a child.

Encouraging Good Dental Habits in a Child

Fun Toothpaste and Toothbrush

Children’s teeth are a bit more sensitive than adults. When you shop for a toothpaste for your child, be sure that you choose one designed for kids. Not only is kid toothpaste safer if accidentally ingested, but they also contain less fluoride. Too much fluoride exposure on baby teeth will form little white spots, which is known as fluorosis. Plus, toothpaste designed for kids tastes better, which will help when trying to encourage good dental habits.

As for the toothbrush, our Kansas City pediatric dentistry recommends letting your child pick out their own. This will help make them excited to brush their teeth, instill a sense of independence, and make brushing their teeth feel less like a chore. 

Set an Example

As a children’s dentist in Kansas City, we always tell parents how important it is to set an example when it comes to brushing their teeth in the morning and at night. Children learn by example, so make sure that you teach your child how to brush their teeth properly. Always show enthusiasm when you brush your teeth and provide lots of positive feedback when your child brushes theirs.

View Teeth Brushing as a Game

If you struggle to get your child to brush their teeth, our pediatric dentistry suggests taking advantage of your child’s playfulness and try to help them view teeth cleaning as a fun game. One easy way to do this is to turn on a song while they brush their teeth and let them know they can’t stop until you turn it off. The best way to make your child view brushing their teeth as necessary is to start at a young age.

Reward Your Child

Another way to make brushing teeth fun is to reward your child. For instance, whenever your child brushes their teeth, let them put a sticker on a calendar. Once they complete a week’s worth of brushing, they get a reward. This can include getting a piece of candy, picking out a small toy from a treasure chest, or picking out the board game for family game night.


If you still have a difficult time getting your child to brush their teeth, contact our children dentist office for more advice. As the best pediatric dentist in Kansas City, MO, we help parents all the time with tips on encouraging good oral health to their children. If you’re looking for a pediatric dentist specialist, set up an appointment with Shoal Creek Smiles by contacting us at (816) 781-5437.