Pediatric Dentistry

pediatric-dentistry.jpgWhy Pediatric Dentistry?

As with selecting any health care professional for your child, selecting a dentist is an important decision. Just as pediatricians are physicians specialized in the care of children, so are pediatric dentists specialized in the care of children were dentistry is concerned.

Pediatric dentists spend two years of post-doctoral training to learn specifically about treating the dental needs of children and adolescents, which means that patients can be assured that they are receiving the best information from a specialist. Because they focus solely on caring for children's teeth, they keep themselves informed of the most recent advances in dental procedures for kids.

In addition to the technical training they receive, pediatric dentists spend much of their time learning that children have to be treated differently from adults. They realize that it is not natural for kids to look forward to their trips to the dentist and they work to make children feel comfortable. Pediatric dentists also study child psychology so they can understand children's needs from a different perspective. From the ambience of the office to the caring, professional staff selected by the dentist, the entire practice is centered around caring for children.

Part of the extensive training pediatric dentists undergo involves providing dentistry under general anesthesia and conscious sedation, as well as learning how to provide quality dental care to the physically or mentally disabled.

As children grow from infants to adolescents and become more interactive with peer groups, they become more aware of self-image. Pediatric dentists are trained to help manage the position of the baby teeth in order to help the permanent teeth as they come into the mouth. They work closely with orthodontists so that if your child needs braces their treatment will be as effective and efficient as possible.

Dr. Thomas has a unique philosophy. As a parent himself he knows what it is like to entrust the care of his children to a healthcare professional and hopes to earn your trust with patience, kindness, and understanding.